Samurai Swords

What kind of swords did Samurai use? Samurai Swords are the main weapons of Japanese samurai used widely in the …

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Samurai Bokken

Samurai Bokken is a wooden Japanese sword used for practice. Bokken are as old as Japanese real swords and they’ve …

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Samurai Yari for Sale

Samurai Yari

Samurai Yari is a Japanese spear used by samurai as well as by ashigaru (Japanese feudal infantry). The construction of …

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Samurai Naginata for sale

Samurai Naginata

Naginata For Sale – Japanese Polearm “Samurai Naginata” The Samurai Naginata is a polearm weapon used by samurai warriors in …

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Samurai Katana

Guide to Buying a Katana Sword Samurai Katana is a Japanese sword used by Samurai during the time of feudal …

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Buy Samurai Tanto

Samurai Tanto

Japanese Samurai Tanto Swords Samurai Tanto is a traditional Japanese knife or a very short sword with the blade of …

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Samurai Wakizashi

Samurai Wakizashi is a Japanese single-edged short sword with a shoto blade. The shoto blade is a traditional size for …

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