There are sites, resources and businesses we rely on for advice, equipment and operational help.  This list represents the most helpful of those and friends of Throw Ninja Star.

Throwing Sites

  • Secrets of Shuriken a fantastic site with a historical look at the origins of Shuriken and its variants as well as some detailed information on throwing specifically Bo Shuriken.  They are a great friend to this site.
  • Knife Throwing . Info a great site focused on the art of throwing knives, including a store that only carries recommended products including some innovative throwing items.  Be sure to check out the Physics of Knife Throwing, a great read.
  • The Great Throwzini not only do I love the name but its a great site full of a whole host of throwing related resources and products.  You can spend a long time here at get some ideas on different things to throw.

Ninja Star and Throwing Knife Manufacturers

These are direct links to the manufacturers themselves, for the general public you can look at retailers below for where to purchase these items unless they are more unique hand forged items, which well call out directly.

  • Cold Steel makes ninja stars, throwing knives, zombie killers and a whole host of awesome items.  They also happen to make the Sure Strike which is one of our favorite all around throwing stars.
  • United Cutlery makes a variety of blades, swords and some ninja stars we love, specifically the Black Ronin line.
  • Flying Steel makes hand made throwing instruments such as the Bo Shuriken.  They are fantastic quality and highly recommended, order direct from their site, made in the USA.  Check out the throwing spike Designed by Houzan Suzuki of Mumyou-Ryu.

Ninja Star and Throwing Instrument Retailers

One of the challenges specifically with ninja stars is that there really does not exist a comprehensive source that carries all of the models of throwing stars, or even comes anywhere close.  They are a specialty item and as such, our comprehensive guide to ninja stars is really the best place to find any and all options.  It links directly to a retailer that carries that particular star.  That being said some of the options for purchasing are below.

  • extremely limited selection but have to be mentioned nonetheless.
  • Blade Play has about the largest inventory of the sites we’ve found.  They ship very quickly, although their prices sometimes run a bit higher than the others.  Here’s where you’ll find your Batman throwers.
  • BUDK they carry the Black Ronin line that we are big fans of,and some more novelty style stars.  They ship very fast and have good prices.
  • Knife Cave carries a good selection of Ninja Stars from a variety of manufacturers.
  • Sakura Martial Arts carries a wide variety of Ninja Stars including some unsharpened models, rubber ninja stars, etc.  Not to mention they carry a full set of martial arts supplies and ninja weapons.  Very cool.