Samurai Yari

Samurai Yari is a Japanese spear used by samurai as well as by ashigaru (Japanese feudal infantry). The construction of Yari is a straight blade mounted on a shaft. The length of Yari varied from one to six meters and samurai used shorter version whereas ashigaru used the longer ones. The art of wielding the Yari is called sojutsu. The blades of Samurai Yari were made using the same technology and high-quality steel as famous Japanese swords and could vary in length from several centimeters to up to a meter long. The shaft of the Yari varied in length, width, and shapes as well. They cold have round, oval, or polygonal section and usually had a metal counterweight (pommel) on the other side of the shaft. Even Yari is a type of a spear, comparing it to an average spear, Samurai Yari was definitely much more sophisticated and complex weapon.

Condor Tool & Knife, Yari Spear, 14-1/2in Blade, Paracord Handle with Sheath

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  • Blade length: 14-1/2in, overall length: 64-1/2in, blade thickness: 0.10in
  • Constructed of 1075 high carbon steel, heat treated and annealed to 50-55 Rockwell C scale
  • Heavy black powder epoxy coating completes the tactical look
  • This handle is made of burnt American ash making it strong while also giving Spears and axes an ancient look
  • The sheath included is high quality, heavy duty, and hand crafted leather

Samurai holding a yari. | Samurai armor, Japanese warrior, Japanese historySamurai Yari were known for a very long time in Japan’s history, but were not fully recognised until the 13th century when the invasions of Mongols happened. At that time, polearms used by warriors in tight formations against horsemen proved to be more useful and practical than swords. There was another type of polearms popular at that time as well called Naginata, which had a longer curved blade. Polearms including Samurai Yari were in a great use until the Edo period, which started in early 17th century, when polearms were overtaken by swords once again, and even Yari were still produced, they were mainly used for ceremonial purposes.

There are several types of Samurai Yari varying in the type of the blade: Su Yari is a simple spear with a straight blade designed for piercing only. Kama Yari and Katakama Yari are spears with additional horizontal blades capable of both cutting and piercing. Jumonji Yari and Chidori Jumonji Yari are spears with two extra side tongs somewhat similar to the Brandistock used in early ages in Europe. Omi Yari is a spear with a very long blade and Fukuro Yari is more similar to European traditional straight blade spear, with the blade directly mounted on a shaft. There are more types and variations of Samurai Yari not listed above.