Small Black Throwing Knives And Stars

These throwing knives and ninja stars have a black finish and all are easily concealable, measuring 10 inches or less. Also, all of these knives are constructed with thin, flat handles, so they are perfect for carrying in a sheath as triple sets.

Because of their flat handles, these are not ideal for handheld use. The grip is just a little awkward for heavy usage. But they are small and aerodynamic as f*ck and are perfect for throwing at short distances or indoors. However, their small size and lightweight design will make accurate throws difficult at longer distances or under windy conditions, so keep that in mind.

Their black finish also means that they are nearly impossible to see coming when thrown under the cover of darkness.

These stars and throwers also come with sharpened edges, so be careful when practicing with them. They’re made of stainless steel with black coating, except for the stars…they are actually more durable than the knives because of their high carbon steel materials.

Here are links to the knives and stars, and down below are some additional notes on each specific knife…

SOG Fusion Black Throwing Knives (triple set w/ sheath)

The SOG Fusion throwers are a fun design, and they do have a little more heft to them for such small throwing knives. The SOG cut out on the handles is a known structural weakness, though, so repeated hard throws into hardwood targets are likely to cause breakage before long. Be sure to throw into the end grain wood targets and log rounds softened with water during practice, to prolong their lifespan.

This blade design typically gets labeled as a “bowie fighting knife,” so if your state/county laws do not allow it, you might be out of luck on this one. Fortunately, there are other options available…

Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers (triple set w/ sheath)

I’ve written about these knives before, so you already know how much I love them. The cord wrap will last a little longer if you throw at multiple bullseyes and avoid having the knives crashing into each other during practice. However, no matter what measures you take, that cord is coming off eventually with repeated use. But that’s no big deal, as throwing the naked blades does not throw off their balance and rotation. If anything, they actually will have less wind resistance and drag once that cording comes off.

Uzi Throwing Knife I (single thrower w/ sheath)

These are very similar to the Hibben Cord Grip. And yes…this is the same company that created the legendary Uzi submachine gun back in the 1950s. Uzi Tactical (distributed through Campco) makes all kinds of great tac gear, in case you didn’t know, including throwing knives, combat knives, tactical pens, tactical flashlights, and more. You can check out the official Uzi site HERE.

Black Ninja Stealth Kunai Throwing Knives

The Ninja Stealth Kunai are your basic Naruto-style, ninja kunai throwing knives. These ones are shorter than the ones we talked about in the Naruto article. We’re talking barely 6 inches total length for these little knives. Their small size limits their effectiveness at longer range, but that small size is also their strength, allowing a triple set to be easily carried in a pocket or wrist sheath. These are best thrown at targets 6-10 feet away.

In case you’re wondering if little blades like these have any real combat value, the answer – historically – is YES. Ninja effectively used small kunai, shuriken spikes, and stars at short and medium distances to wound, disorient and distract sentries and oncoming attackers. They aren’t likely to take down an enemy by themselves, but they can definitely throw one off balance and create an opening for escape.

Cold Steel Sure Strike Black Throwing Stars

These traditional ninja weapons made by Cold Steel come in light, medium, and heavy sizes, with the heavy ones being a solid ¼ inch thick at the center. That added weight makes them moderately effective at longer ranges. But of course, the tradeoff is that carrying multiple thick, heavy stars is not so easy, so that’s where the lighter, skinnier ones come in.

Either way, these Cold Steel Sure Strikes are your basic four-point stars with sharpened blade edges. Unlike the cheaper stars you often see online, these are made from heavy-duty carbon steel and will last a lot longer than stainless steel stars during your practice sessions with wood targets.

I wish Cold Steel would make a sheath for these (triple, ideally). If you guys come across any that will fit the CS stars, please hit me up on my CONTACT page with a link.

As far as I know, throwing stars are not legal in CA, NY, VA, IN, and Canada, so as always, be sure to check your own state and local knife laws to be sure you are in compliance.