Cold Steel True Flight Thrower

Being new to throwing knives, I wanted to start out with an economically priced versatile throwing knife.  I wanted the knife not only have throwing capabilities but also other practical uses such as self-defense or utility.  The Cold Steel True Flight Thrower turns out to be just the right knife for those requirements.

How functional is the Cold Steel True Flight Thrower?

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower 3

While it is an excellent throwing knife, I have found that it also an effective tool in various other situations.  With the blade’s length and a little sharpening, it turned out to be a good tool for chopping small pieces of wood and food prepping.  I’m assuming with how versatile this knife is that it can also be used as a tactical knife in combat.  These extra characteristics are great uses but getting back to its purpose, it is most adept at throwing due to its weight forward design.  It is the perfect option for beginners who would like to learn the basics of knife throwing.

Blade and Construction

This knife’s blade is what crowns it as the ultimate throwing tool.  It is constructed with 1055 carbon steel making it flexible and very difficult to break even after taking a beating from abusive throwing.  As I noted earlier,  this blade is not razor sharp which isn’t always necessary for throwing knives anyway.  You should be most concerned about the tip.  Luckily, Cold Steel forged the True Flight Thrower with a spear point tip making it reinforced and durable enough to withstand numerous throws.  The blade is 5mm thick and has an overall length of 7 inches which is long enough to actually be used in self-defense.  And like I said earlier, due to the choice of steel used in this knife it can easily be sharpened to be used as a utility knife in the outdoors.  The only negative I see with this blade is that since it is black coated, the carbon steel doesn’t haven’t much resistance to chipping and you will start to notice the coat flaking off.  This will not effect the accuracy of the knife so there is no need to worry.

The Handle

Cold Steel True Flight Thrower 2

The handle of the True Flight Thrower is where the only problem with this knife lies.  It has a paracord wrapped handle that will tend to unravel after many uses.  It isn’t a huge deal since it can be re-wrapped.  The handle itself without the paracord is actually quite comfortable to hold itself so you can always remove the paracord if is unraveling too much for your taste.  The butt of the handle is actually exposed steel which can be used as form of self defense as a bludgeon but be careful to not cut yourself since there doesn’t appear to be any hand guard.


In my opinion, Cold Steel always has acceptable sheaths included with their knives.  In this case, a cordura sheath is included with the True Flight Thrower and contains a belt clip for easy carrying.  There is also a button snap to lock the knife into place when not engaged.

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There will always be pros and cons with every knife, but I would venture to say that this knife is an excellent beginner or novice throwing knife for perfecting your skills.