Top 5 Ninja Weapons of All Time!

If you are a ninja historian, then I know what you are thinking Is this blog post going to be about the top 5 weapons that traditional ninjas actually used in ancient Japan, or is this article going to discuss the weapons that modern-day ninjas have adopted as their own.  Well, because of the popularity of both modern-day and traditional ninja weapons, I’ve decided to do a mix of both of them in this top 5 list.

So, without further ado, here is our list of Top 5 Ninja Weapons of All Time.

#5 Blowgun

What’s better than a weapon that is not only extremely accurate at a distance of 40 feet, but is also silent?  Honestly, for those of you who have never had the privilege of shooting a ninja blowgun, you are really missing out.  The first time I shot one, I was extremely surprised at just how accurate it was (and I was only 8 years old at the time).  But, if you think about it, the blowgun is situated directly below your line of sight, so it is pretty easy for them to fire exactly where you want them to strike.

#4 Kusarigama

Many of you may not have ever seen a ninja kusarigama before because it is a more obscure ninja weapon.  The more traditional versions of this weapon didn’t have a chain hidden in the handle of the kama, but they were a mix of a hand-held kama weapon with a chain and ball attached to the end.  Ninjas would use this tool as a close-range weapon with the kama portion in their hand and a mid-range weapon by swinging the kama on the chain. They also would use the chain portion of this weapon to capture their attacker’s hands as well as choke them. This is a tough weapon to explain in a blog post, but awesome to see in videos.

#3 Ninja Throwing Spikes

I’m not sure how much we’ve discussed ninja throwing spikes on this website, but we need to talk about them a lot more. They are awesome because you throw them differently than any other weapon you throw. For instance, when you throw a knife or star, you typically hold them by the blade and try to get them to spin a certain number of times. With a throwing spike, you hold it in the palm of your hand and release the spike from your hand at a straight angle instead of trying to flip it. Strangely enough, it works beautifully and these tend to stick much easier than knives. A great ninja weapon!

#2 Ninja Sword – Katana

Well, we couldn’t have a complete list of popular ninja weapons without including the trusty ninja sword. Ninja swords are different from samurai katana in that they typically have a square pommel and a tonto pointed straight blade.  That is not the case of all ninja swords, but it tends to be the norm with at least modern-day ninja swords.

#1 Ninja Throwing Stars

Sure, we may be slightly biased towards the ninja star considering that is the name of this website, but quite honestly, it is almost a perfect weapon.  They have a long-distance accuracy, are silent, and look really cool.  Think about it, good chances are that if you are reading this blog post and came to our website at, your favorite ninja weapon is the ninja throwing star as well.