Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers By United Cutlery

The United Cutlery  Gil Hibben Cord Grip Throwers are my favorite throwing knives on the planet – aesthetically.  The moment I saw them online, I knew I had to get them.  They look unbelievably cool.  But once I got them and started throwing them, I realized they were good but not perfect.

Features & Stats

The GH Cord Grips look badass.  That alone makes it worth the $7 or so per knife. You’ve got some options on these.

First, you’ll choose between the large ones (8 5/8 inches overall, 4 1/8 inch blade length) and the small ones (6 ¼ inches overall, 3 1/8 inch blade length).

If you’re just throwing at pizza boxes, feel free to get the small ones.  If you throw at wood targets or log rounds or have hands larger than a 9-year-old girl’s, then get the large ones.  But know that any serious knife thrower will consider even the “large” ones to be pretty small anyway.

You’ll also want to consider the color.  The shiny silver ones come in both large and small sizes, but I’ve only seen the black in the large size.  Both come with black cording wrapped around the handle.

The single-edged blade does come slightly sharpened, but it’ll dull over time.  Mine is now about as sharp as a McDonald’s spoon.  Those sharp tips, however, will draw blood, so don’t let your kids play with these knives unsupervised.

They come as a triple set with a nylon sheath that has a little button strap that snaps shut and holds them in there pretty snug.  I’ve read reviews where people complain that the sheath wears out quickly, but mine hasn’t had any problems at all, and I’m starting to question whether those reviews are even legit or were planted by competitors (that shit happens all the time, by the way).

Anyways, the sheath is a lot more durable than the thin ones you get with Ridge Runner throwing knives, but it’s still not leather, so don’t expect it to last forever.


These are Gil Hibben throwing knives, so you know they throw extremely well.  Very balanced.  Very smooth.  The entire knife is flat and skinny, so you’ll want to use a pinch grip when throwing from the handle.  I tried a hammer grip for several throws, but you know, the release felt weird.

I’ve had consistent sticks up to 2 full spins outdoors.  Further than that and the wind and air resistance really throw it off.  I landed a few 2 ½ spin and 3 spin throws with no wind, but my throwing area gets breezy — so much so that I actually missed my entire target board on a couple of throws.  Part of that maybe my fault (I’m not a professional or anything), but mostly I think it was just because it’s hard to throw smaller, lighter knives…at a distance…against the wind.

Unless you just started throwing knives yesterday, you already know the cons of this knife.

Cord grip Drawback

The cord grip will not last for more than 50-100 throws.  For at least one of your three knives, it won’t even make it to 50.  I promise.  But it’s cool because these things look great naked.  There is a little notch or whatever that shows where the cording is supposed to be, but they still look great without the cording (especially the black ones).  Balance is affected by the weight difference, but it’s pretty negligible and not likely to even be noticed by most throwers.  You can always re-wrap it with a cord or tape if you prefer.

Stainless Steel Tip Drawback

It’s stainless steel, so if you’re throwing at wood targets, the tips are eventually going to bend.  Out of my three blades, one of the tips lasted less than 50 throws, the 2nd lasted over 100 throws, and the 3rd is still looking good (over 200 throws).  So two are now bent at the tip (one is a full 90-degree angle!).

That’s what happens when you throw stainless steel knives at wood targets.  So if this bugs the hell out of you, then just throw against soft targets like cardboard and dartboards.

For the record, United Cutlery throwing knives seem to hold up better than most Ridge Runners and are maybe neck-and-neck with Perfect Point knives.  That’s what I’ve noticed, but if you’ve experienced something different, please share it below in the comments.

A Word About Pricing

I got my Hibbens from BudK via Amazon (which was actually cheaper than going straight through BudK, for some reason), and the shipping cost more than the knives!  Hey, it happens.  Some places charge crazy prices for these knives and/or for shipping.  For example, priced them at over 50 bucks!  Not counting shipping!  (Hint:  don’t buy them there).

So keep in mind that some sellers will drop the list price and then jack you on shipping, so sometimes the “cheaper” seller isn’t always cheaper.  Just so you know.

Gil Hibben Corded Grip Throwing Knives Triple Knife Set, Large

$27.98  in stock
as of May 13, 2024 1:38 am


  • Safety and Durability tested for the toughest conditions
  • Quality materials used to make all United Products
  • For enthusiasts, collectors and tough users all over the world
  • 6-5/8-Inch overall length
  • 4-1/4-Inch blade length

Gil Hibben Black Triple Pro Throwing Knife Set With Nylon Sheath

$25.98  in stock
as of May 13, 2024 1:38 am


  • Set of 3 black throwing knives with non-slip high tensile cord-wrapped grips. 420 J2 stainless steel construction- includes black nylon sheath.
  • Specs: Length Overall - 8 - 5/8in. Blade Length: 4-1/4in.
  • Perfectly balanced assuring uniform rotation when thrown properly.