Throwing Star Safety

Photo Courtesy Scott Clark

Above all else we want you to be safe here at throw ninja star.  Ninja stars (most of them) are not toys and need to be treated with the respect they deserve.  They can cut you as the thrower and they can certainly cut anyone and anything in their path.  Be especially careful when using around your kids.  If they are going to be allowed to use the throwing star keep a close eye on them and pass on these important tips. Better yet get your kids some foam rubber throwing stars and feel better about yourself as a parent. Don’t be like me.

It’s also important to keep your throwing stars clean because you don’t want tetanus or some other nasty blood disease from the rust on your stars.

Don’t Aim Your Throwing Star at Anything You Don’t Want to Stick

Just like a gun, you should never point or aim at anything you didn’t intend to throw your ninja star directly at.  It’s very easy to make a mistake, and at no time should your target be a living being like your sister or family pet.  This goes for trees too.  Here at throw ninja star, we would never advocate that it’s okay to throw at a living tree.  It can do damage to the tree and potentially kill it with too many sticks.  Use a target and move on.

Throwing Safety

When throwing a ninja star you first need to consider your grip.  There are a variety of styles of star and you need to take that into account when holding.  Don’t rest your index finger on a point or a sharpened portion of the blade when you are holding or throwing them.  This is the finger that is most likely to come into contact with the pointy parts.

Foot Safety

Drop a ninja star on your barefoot and you won’t wonder why this section is here.  A wider stance holding the star in the center of your body is a fix for this problem as well as wearing sturdy shoes.  If you are really concerned a steel-toed boot may be in order.  Just be alert to your feet and how easily these things can slip out of your hand.