Purchase a Throwing Star Target

In the end, a good pine board with a paper target is a perfectly serviceable throwing star target for all of your throwing star needs but sometimes you want something a little more.  If you are able (and crazy enough) to throw your ninja stars say in your basement then you might do well with some of these options.  I will fully admit they look cooler than a pine board with some sharpie dots on it.

One option similar to a dartboard is this Bullseye Dragon Throwing Knife Ninja Star Board.  Yeah, that’s a sweet and descriptive name.  On the pro side, it looks super cool and is pretty soft so your stars will stick well.  On the cons, it doesn’t seem to hold up terribly well.  I haven’t used it long term, but some of the knife-throwing crowd complain of the middle blowing out.  The solution seems to be to mount it on something rigid (pine board anyone?).  And then it works well.  These run about $9.99 so certainly won’t break the bank.

For something a little different, you can head over to the archery department and find something like this 3d Buck Target cause who doesn’t want to hit a deer with their ninja stars?  They are a bit spendy but could be a fun alternative to the ho-hum walls of your home.  It has a replaceable vitals zone if you wreak absolute havoc on this stag then you can go ahead and replace that and be good as new.

As far as archery targets go, you can certainly use a basic model as well.  They are typically a tarpaulin type material over cardboard or similar.  They aren’t super durable, and the cutting motion of the throwing star will start to shred the out covering pretty quickly, but they are very inexpensive compared to our 3d Stag above.  A slightly better option is this foam-backed model designed for kids archery.   It won’t disintegrate as quickly and should provide you a fair amount of outdoor service.

What about you?  Have you used a particular type of ninja star target?