How to Make a Paracord Rock Sling

A rock sling is a simple yet effective weapon and you are going to see how to make your own from nothing but some paracord.

Don’t let the design fool you as this is a really simple project once you get started. Using the rock sling will take a little more practice in order to get accurate with it but please do so responsibly as this is a much more powerful tool than you may realize.

In this tutorial, we show you how to make a simple paracord rock sling that can be used for survival and entertainment purposes. It is a simple design to remember and made in about a minute or two.

Before viewing the video tutorial below, get your paracord ready. You want to use around 10 feet of paracord for a good-sized rock sling.

I found this very useful. However, the first sling I made the pouch was too small and I couldn’t launch stones of the proper size as they kept falling out. I would recommend making 3 loops at the beginning and weave between them to make a larger pouch, I used 20ft of paracord. I used the exact same method though, thanks for the guide and I hope this tip helps.

I strongly recommend not tying the string to a single finger. If you’re running and the sling gets caught on something it’s going to hurt. Lay the string across your palm with a knot at the end by your little finger. Make a fist and the knot will be outside your hand drop that string between the index and middle finger. Make a knot in the other end and that will be your release to be grasped between index finger and thumb. The pocket should be at least 4 times bigger so you can try gravel, pea rock, broken glass, old nuts, and bolts, like ammo. Youll never notices a bigger pocket and it will give you much greater ammo options.

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